Capcom has just released this new trailer for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, which may be the most exciting Kinect game ever released.

Most people are familiar with Steel Battalion for one thing only- its ridiculous controller. First released by Capcom for the original Xbox, the action title allowed users to control a giant mech with the aid of a controller that boasted two control sticks and almost forty buttons. It was a monster, and so was the price tag, at $200. It was quickly snatched up by collectors. It was the most realistic mech simulator of its time but was a hassle to drag around the giant stick. Fortunately, the Kinect fixes that issue.

This sequel will allow players to use simple hand motions to aim and fire on enemies, boost speeds, get different views of the battlefield and even hit a button to self-destruct. The below trailer gives you a better idea of the innovative controls.

Could Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor be the first truly great Kinect game? Star Wars certainly wasn’t anything to dance around about.

Steel Battalion will hit stores in June.