Fans of a UK rock magazine have voted Metallica the "Most Influential" band of the past 30 years.  "Kerrang!" readers put the American metal group at the top of a list that includes Ozzy Osbourne, Blink-182, Iron Maiden, and Foo Fighters.  Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich comments on the honor to, saying it gives him a "warm and fuzzy" feeling to make the top of the list.  Ulrich adds that he picked up the first-ever copy of "Kerrang!" in 1981.  Later, when he traveled to the UK to visit historic music sites, he says he took the magazine with him everywhere he went.

Metallica's gearing up for a major concert later this year.  The band will join its fellow Big Four members -- Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeth -- for a show at Yankee Stadium in Bronx, New York.  The Big Four's big East Coast show is on the books for September 14th.

Here is the full list of the "Most Influential" bands, according to "Kerrang!" readers:

1. Metallica
2. Green Day
3. Iron Maiden
4. Slipknot
5. My Chemical Romance
6. Linkin Park
7. Bullet For My Valentine
8. Blink-182
9. Ozzy Osbourne
10. Foo Fighters