During the True Crime Report, we like to play "Florida or New Mexico" because the two states are, umm...over-represented when it comes to weird crime. Nathaniel Shipman ain't helpin' New Mexico's stats, here, and we have dashcam video to prove it.

Took awhile, but the New Mexico State Police and Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department got their man. Shipman, 27, stole a school bus and led troopers on a high-speed, then low-speed chase. High-speed before the spike strip took out his front tires, low-speed after he continued going on the rims.

Trailing a line of law enforcement vehicles that looked like something straight out of the Blues Brothers, Shipman drove through one attempt at a pit maneuver -- basically ramming the bus from one side to turn it -- before getting popped by a larger highway patrol SUV.

No one knows why Shipman stole a school bus, but apparently when the authorities got him he was in his underwear.

Drugs are bad, m'kay?