8:30 am-Buzz: "Hey, don't forget to set your clocks BACK on Saturday!'

8:31 am-  Here's a helpful jingle to help you remember!

8:32 am-BUZZ: "Wait...set your clock back or you'll be late to work?? You wouldn't be late. If anything, you'd be an hour earlier, right?"

DUKE: "Yeah, the Jingle's wrong."

8:35 am-Emails start coming in.

"The song is right.  You guys are dumb."   [jrogermacias@gmail.com]

Buzz the jingle is right. Think about it, if it's 9 am now, once you set the clock back it will be 8 am. So if you have to be at work at 8 am but you forget to set your clock back, your clock is still gonna say it is 9 am when it's actually 8 am, making you late."Chris Sievers [ahs2003eagles@aol.com]

8:39 am-DUKE-"People cannot be this stupid!  If you don't set your clock back, you'll get up an hour earlier than you need to. You'll be early, not late!!"

8:40 am-BUZZ-"I'm 99% you're right about that, Duke"

8:40:05 am-DUKE-"99...have you been smoking banana peels??"

8:41 am- More Email

"Overanalyzing.  You are wrong."    J. Roger Macias [jrogermacias@gmail.com]

Hey retards, if u set ur clock back right now, then how many more hours of the show would u have to do in order to finish at ten o clock?

Answer: 1 MORE!!! Same thing with sleep!!! If u spring ahead then u would have 1 hour less to do to finish at 10. Sorry retards may have been a bit mean... TO THE RETARDS!!! Jk but come guys, seriously? 2-1=1 just to help clarify."   Mike [SpiderMike85@yahoo.com] "lets supose you have to be at church at 8.. you wake up at 7.. but its really 6am .. BUT at church it will also be one hour early so you would be late!"   luis borunda [andujo15@hotmail.com]

8:49 am- We take a call from Adrian who very passionatley explains to us why we are too dumb to continue wasting oxygen. We keep him on arguing with us until the only people still listening are quadraplegics whose helper monkey has the day off and can't switch channels.

9:15 am--  Eventually, Adrian makes a breakthrough.

"Buzz, and people wonder why are el paso was rated as the most uneducated -ulyses"  u.bailon@yahoo.com

"Don't feel stupid guys. This is a concept I've been struggling with for years now. Every fall and spring I'm always asking around because I just don't understand. Its not that simple of a concept. Its quite confusing.

A 3rd grader."  Marco Favela [mafavela@gmail.com]

post scriptum:  If you should follow Adrian's suggestion and set 2 clocks on Saturday night to see which will go off first, a word of warning...if you wake up Sunday and see an alternate time-line version of yourself already eating breakfast or getting dressed do not, I repeat, DO NOT try to engage your alternate self in conversation. The same matter cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Flee immediately or you may create a space/time continuum parodox that could rip asunder the very fabric of reality itself. Come to think of it, probably better to set no alarm and just sleep in.