John Edwards mistress, Rielle Hunter, was on "The View" yesterday to promote her tell-all book about the affair.  The women on the show really let her have it, in particular Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters.  Elisabeth told Rielle that regardless of what she says, she WAS a mistress, and Whoopi said Rielle put the whole nation in "a very awkward position" with the affair.  Barbara also quoted Rielle as saying she bullied her in an interview, and Barbara said that never happened.

Rielle Hunter admitted to the women that she and John Edwards have broken up.   Rielle said "it's very painful" and she has "mixed emotions" about the breakup.  She also hinted that it was a mutual decision, and she said she got tired of hiding their relationship from everyone.  Do you feel sorry for this woman?  Do you even care about her one way or another?