On Friday the 13th I came into work with a horrible pain. I knew from the very moment it started that it was my appendix. During my visit to the hospital the unbelievable happened. Check it out!

The weekend of Friday the 13th was Fathers Day. I had so much planned but it all changed when I got a sharp pain in my stomach. I arrived to work only to be sent home. I didn't even go home because I went straight to the emergency room.

They gave me drugs to ease the pain and I took the time to take selfies. On my way into surgery I met with the surgeon. Dr. Cox. He explained how fast the surgery would be. I got an incision on my belly button to allow the robot to cut out my appendix.

I made it out alive. Dr. Cox knew what to do once he was inside of me. Everything turned out great. I'm still recovering and feeling better. Thanks to Dr. Cox and his staff for saving me.


I was even able to make it in to meet an adult film star.