Oprah interviewed the Kardashian family on her "Oprah's Next Chapter" show and talked to Kim about her first serious boyfriend and the first time she had sex.  She talked about how she let her mother know she was ready to have sex with her boyfriend and what her mother's response was.

Would you take your 14 year old daughter to get on birth control?  Is a 14 year old really in a long term, serious relationship?  This explains to me why she ended up making a sex tape and it was okay to profit from it.  Her mother probably would have told her that if she was in a serious relationship it would be okay to film it!  It basically set the stage for the whole family to make money!  I wonder what the littlest sisters are going to turn out like with a mom like that!  We joke about how 30 year women in El Paso are grandmothers, but would it really be helpful to talk to your parents at that age about sex?  Would a 14 year old girl who is determined to have sex take to heart the warnings about teenage pregnancy?  This is why I thank God I never had children!  I wouldn't know what to do other than lock her up in a room and throw away the key!