This week's recipe makes my honey bunny very happy!  I'm sure it will be a hit at your house, and it doesn't take much effort!

Chicken tostadas are a favorite at our house, and they are super easy to put together.  The ingredients only need chopping or heating.  I serve tostadas with fideo as the side dish, also super easy to make.

Shred the chicken and warm it.  Warm the beans in a separate pan.

Next, shred some iceberg lettuce and slice the avocado.

Next, fix your fideo according to package directions.  I use the Knorr brand and all it calls for is adding 4 cups of water and bringing to a boil.

You can now start making the tostadas.  Layer beans, lettuce, chicken and avocado on the tostada and top with your favorite salsa.  You can also add sour cream and cheese if you like.  Enjoy!