Texting While Walking Can Be A Bear! [VIDEO]
Tuesday morning authorities finally caught  a black bear that has been showing up in a Los Angeles neighborhood for about the past month.  But it scared the crap out of one resident before the capture. When he heard helicopters outside he went out to check out what was …
What’s Your Dumbest Text Story?
We've all sent texts to the wrong person, "drunk texted" and/or even had a "sext" fall into the wrong hands. Embarrasing but hey; "no harm, no foul" right??
Maybe She Just Came from Bed, Bath & Beyond
So, Paul Blart and his gang may take your abuse, rolling on their segways, protecting and serving for $9 and hour...but don't think they aren't watching...waiting for you to make a move like this woman so they can embarrass your ass!