The Apocalyptic End Is Near!!….Again
OMG!!! Ok well as of yesterday we have about a year till the supposed "End of the World", and at least THIS "End" has NOTHING to do with zombies!! (*cold chill down my spine*). As a matter of fact they have an article on the El Paso Times website with things like details on this …
Facebook Sucks, How Do I Get Ahold Of Them?
I have been banned for 30 days from posting on my facebook page because I posted the cover of the new playboy with Lindsay Lohan on it. If you have seen this cover, It shows no nudity. I need to get ahold of these stupid people but I can't figure out how to...
New Music Releases – Week of October 24, 2011

More new music, faster! Here's a list of the new music out this week, and there might be some cool stuff you didn't know was coming out that you'll want to pick up!

This week there's some new stuff from Scott Weiland, Tom Waits, Surfer Blood, Skinny Puppy and more!

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