AUDIO: The Great Nostradumbass
Prepare to be astounded when you listen to our latest visit with The Great Nostradumbass. Truly, his eerie powers of precognition will send chills up your spine!
Click on the jump to listen to the audio...
AUDIO: Sounds of the Game (Carolina vs. Philly)
Carolina vs. the Eagles...I like the way Duke put it: "Eh...somebody's got to win."
Carolina did 30-22. Of course, the most compelling part of a game like this is what goes on in the broadcast booth. Some of it can sound awful tawdry. It's completely innocent, though, as y…
AUDIO: Thanksgiving Song 2012
Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving Song is now 20 years old. He does updated versions every few years but we feel it's a tradition that needs a yearly update.
So, using not only his song but also his singing style, here is our 2012 version of The Thanksgiving Song...
AUDIO: Zombie Apocalypse Thanksgiving Episode 1
Nothing says Thanksgiving like catching up with a Walking Dead Marathon on AMC. Oh, and the food, of course.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. The turkey! The stuffing! The....braiiiiiins.
Click below to hear the audio from "Zombie Apocalypse Thanksgiving: Episode 1&q…

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