20th Anniversary Audio: Dead Snake Prank Call (AUDIO)
Tomorrow is my 20th Anniversary Morning Show which we'll be doing live at L& J Cafe at 3622 E. Missouri. Come watch us do the show and get the Best of the Morning Show 1992-2012 c.d for only $10.
Here's one of our Dialing for Dingbats prank calls that I still get requests for....&am…
AUDIO-The KLAQ Stripper Poll: Election 2012
With up-to-the-second Decision 2012 coverage, we sent Fernie out to ask local exotic dancers how they planned on voting. Were happy to present the results here (you can hear the audio, below) and hopefully it will help you with this year's, I mean ELECTION!!
AUDIO: Sounds of the Game 49ers vs. Cardinals.
San Francisco trounced Arizona last night 24-3. Alex Smith was one reception shy of having a perfect night completing passes. Also, there were some doozies from the broadcast booth, as there usually are.
Click on the Jump to hear the audio for this week's "Sounds of the Game"..…
AUDIO: Buzz’s Sky-Diving Story
So just like everybody else, this morning we were talking about the guy that parachuted from 24 miles up and broke the sound barrier in the process.
Patty Maese was filling in for Teresa this morning and she had never heard the story of my amazing Sky-diving experience. You really have to hear it for…
The Lou Romano Dog Story (Audio)
Our old pal Lou "Lou on the Q" Romano was on the phone with us recently to tell us this completely amaze-balls story about himself,   a stray dog, the Scottsdale Fire Department, his new Cadillac, and the Jaws of LIfe.
The story was about 20 minutes long but I've edited it…

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