AUDIO: Guitar Master Gary Hoey
Guitar virtuoso Gary Hoey was on the morning show and it was time to play "Stump Ho-Ho-Hoey".
He's good. Very good.
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(AUDIO)Good News/Bad News of the Week
Fair and balanced. That's the name of the game. Once again, we take a look at some of the most compelling news items of the week and look at both sides of the issue. The negative and the positive. The dark cloud as well as the silver lining.
The Good New/Bad News of the week
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AUDIO: What’s the Difference??
This week, "What's the difference between Prince William and Katherine's baby and cold fusion?"
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AUDIO: Catholic Church Creates Exorcism Hotline!
The Diocese of Milan has recently started a hotline number for people in need of an exorcism. This is according to the most unassailable source I know of , The Internet.
You can read about it here.
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