Daughter Costs Father $80,000 With Her Facebook Post
Patrick Snay was the former head of a private preparatory school in Miami. At the age of 69, his contract with Gulliver Preparatory School wasn't renewed, which led to a legal battle.
In November 2011, Snay and the school reached an agreement in which Snay would receive $10,000 in back pay and $80,00…
Scott Reeder Comments on Lawsuit Against Kyuss Lives!
Yesterday we reported that former Kyuss members Joshua Homme (guitar) and Scott Reeder (bass) had filed a federal lawsuit against Kyuss Lives! claiming trademark infringement and consumer fraud over vocalist John Garcia and drummer Brant Bjork continuing to use the Kyuss name. In an official message…
Erin Andrews Files $10 Million Lawsuit Over Nude Video
When staying in a hotel, there is an expectation of privacy, right? Well, ESPN correspondent Erin Andrews lost that privacy big time in 2008 when video was taken of her naked through a hole in her hotel room wall and then leaked onto the Internet. Andrews is now filing suit.

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