As much as you may think it in your teen years, you won't stay young forever. The march of time carries onwards, and your mind and body age faster and faster before your eyes.

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An unfortunate side effect of aging is slowly losing your own control, unable to complete simple tasks that would otherwise pose no issue. We should be doing everything we can to help people in this circumstance, but some find them ripe for exploitation.

Heritage Village

In Mesa, there lies a quaint assisted living facility known as Heritage Village. This facility is meant to help older folks who may not be able to live their lives without round the clock care. At least that's what they told people.

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In reality, Heritage Village was largely ignoring its residents, sexually assaulting them, and allowed unnecessary deaths to occur. Because of these complaints flooding the Attorney General's office, a full scale investigation was launched to get to the bottom of the Heritage Village scam.

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The Investigation

Upon a full investigation of the Heritage Village facility, the Attorney General's office came across horrifying realizations. The facility did not have the proper paperwork for most of its residents, hid more than 100 citations from the public, and falsified reviews on their websites to avoid the less savory ones.

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Heritage Village, of course, denied all of this, and claimed it was all the work of the former management company who left in 2022. Unfortunately for them, the issues didn't stop in 2022, which means that this is a recurring issue.

As the investigation continues preparing for Attorney General Mayes' lawsuit, more and more comes to light, including willing negligence of the residents, holding back necessary medication, leaving rooms without communication devices and more.

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