Admit It — You Re-Gift, Don’t You? — Survey of the Day
‘Tis the season to receive gifts. Inevitably, some of the presents your friends and loved ones will be nice enough to give you won’t be anything you particularly want or need.
So, do you try to make these unwanted gifts usefull by wrapping them back up and giving them to somebod…
Research Proves Size Does Matter When It Comes to Gifts
Spent all your money on one really great gift, but think you should also get a small gift so your loved one has something else to open? Think again. New research shows that a small gift could decrease the value of the more generous one in the eyes of the recipient.
Don’t End Up In The Dog House This Holiday
I know this is a commercial kind of thing, but it's still fun.  An entertaining reminder of how easily you can end up in trouble for giving the wrong gift.  Women can be quite difficult when that happens.
See, I can say that, being single. :)