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Monster’s Fantasy Football Dilemma [Poll]
I have a major fantasy football dilemma! My first over all pick and starting QB is Cam Newton. My back up QB is Robert Griffin III.  As we now know, Cam played below expectation and RG3 had a very impressive debut for the Washington Redskins.
The Shocking Surprise About What Fantasy Football Actually Is
I have friends who celebrated part of Labor Day by holding their fantasy football draft".  These friends are grown men, fathers, GRANDFATHERS, some of them!
And they chose to spend part of a holiday picking imaginary teams for an imaginary football league.
Here are some actual photos of this nons…
Dubba Gs Hooters Fantasy
When the boss tells you two Hooters girls, sisters no less, are coming to see you regarding a fantasy, what would you think?
How to Deal With the Total Failure of Your Fantasy Football Team
Winter is a magical time of year. People are nicer because of the holidays. The first brisk and invigorating hints of winter grace your city. And, of course, your fantasy football team poops themselves during fantasy playoffs, like a child that can’t find a toilet so he silently craps his shor…