The Greatest Slayer Cartoon Ever Made – Criminally Insane
Watched this tonight, and the little monster drawn for Tom Araya is my favorite. The look on his face, with the overbite and angry eyes makes me laugh so hard. Although it looks like Lars Ulrich is drumming on this song, with the googly eyes and pierced nipples, this cartoon is awesome...
Cartoons, and All Of These Things
A trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger's upcoming animated series about a superhero called "The Governator" has popped up online, even though both Governator projects won't be out until sometime next year. The clip features a cameo by an animated Larry King, who's out working the beat as a fi…
The Most Talented Man I Ever Knew
Dad always told me I need to cut back on the language.
Not bad language, just words.
A master of making a point in as few words as possible, my Dad, John Keith, died last week, aged 78.
His kidneys and heart had been worsening, though when he was in his heyday as sports information director/hospitality…