Brave Women Try on the C-String Bikini
KLAQ Balloonfest is coming up soon, so ladies, make sure you start planning your festival outfit. Since it is happening at Wet-n-Wild, you're going to want to find that perfect bikini and I think I can help you out by introducing you to the C-String.
Best-Ever Bikini Fails Caught on Video [VIDEO]
You still have a few weeks of Summer left but before you know it, you'll have to say so long to swimming, the smell of lotion and, yes, bikinis.  So, as a way of saying so long to summer, here is a video of the Top Bikini Fails...
Bikini Robbers Thwarted By Man on Crutches
William Joseph Knowles had fractured his shin and was hobbling around Hollywood, Fla. on crutches last week when two women approached, one in nothing but a bikini. “Finally,” he thought “this injury is going to work in my favor.” Nope. They tried to mug him.
Woman Sues After Suffering Burns from Bikini Top
If you’re thinking of getting a nice tan this summer, consider the tale of Robin Corrente first.
The 50-year-old Yaphank, New York woman is suing a bathing suit manufacturer, claiming she suffered third-degree burns after the underwire in the top portion of her bikini became over…

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