Stars In Stereo will be at The KLAQ studios tomorrow.  Wanna have lunch with them?

Stars In Stereo are passing through El Paso tomorrow on their way to their next show. Since they have a couple of days off between gigs, they have time to stop and say hi as they pass through town.

Naturally, my first question was "how about playing a special acoustic show for some KLAQ listeners"?  Their answer was a resounding "HELL YEAH", and tomorrow (11/22/13) is the day!

If you're not familiar with Stars In Stereo, check 'em out below!  (Guys, Becca alone will have your complete attention!)  I saw them last summer with POD and Flyleaf ... that's actually where that pic was taken ... and they're great!

Listen today and tomorrow for your shot at this once in a lifetime chance to see them live, acoustically and to have lunch with them!  The BBQs on us, all we need is you!

Keep listening to snag your invitation!