Trapt hit El Paso yesterday and played a killer show. Prior to that, they did a special private show for a Q listener!

Trapt blew the roof off of Tricky Falls last night with a great show!  Before that, Super Mario and I drove them to the northeast for a private show a Q listener had won.  Check out the pics below!

Andy (our winner) is in the United States Army and was recently deployed to the middle east. Deployments are hard enough on families as it is but while Andy was away, his wife became very ill.  Andy was given "emergency leave" to come home and be with her and their kids. She's ok now but Andy will soon have to leave again to finish his tour.  A friend of theirs thought they deserved to have a little fun during this difficult time and entered them in the contest without telling them.

Imagine their surprise when we brought the party to them!!


Now, all you guys are invited to watch the performance also!  Check out the vids below!

Mega thanks to Trapt for agreeing to do this promotion, you guys are the coolest!

Andy, everyone here at KLAQ wishes you and your family the best of luck!  Thank you for listening to us and ... most of all ... thank you for your service to America!!