Parade magazine released a list of the richest person in each state in America. Of course Bill Gates and Warren Buffet made the list, but a few of the names might surprise you. See who the richest person in Texas is below. And no, it's not Mark Cuban or Jerry Jones.


According to Parade, the richest person in Texas is the CEO of Dell Inc., Michael Dell. Yep,thatDell, like the one you're probably typing on now. Apparently those computers racked up a cool $16 billion for Mr. Dell.

New Mexico's richest doesn't come close, but with an estimated $800 million, he's still richer than you'll ever be. Say hello to Mr. John Yates, the president and CEO of McKinley Capital Management, an investment company.

The only person I'm surprised isn't on there is Oprah. I thought she was worth a trillion dollars. Assuming she still lives in Chicago, she got beat out by Samuel Zell, founder of Equity Residential with his $3.8 billion.