I have come to the conclusion that The Bachelor is going to drive me crazy!  Last night's episode had my head spinning!  Last time Brad was the Bachelor he couldn't commit.  This time, it seems he's committing to every girl!  I honestly cannot seem to figure out which way he's headed.

I decided last night that I really like Chantal.  She seems normal, they had a great underwater date and a very romantic dinner afterward.  I thought to myself, okay she's the one. 

At the group date, I decided I don't like the needy Ashley H.  They had a great first date, but now she's threatening to pull back.  I say pull back girl.  You are only hurting yourself, and apparently Brad thought so, too.  He was going to give her the group date rose, but changed his mind when he saw her negativity.  The rose went to Brit, who we really don't know much about.  Maybe she'll come out into the open soon!

And my least favorite, Mememishelle, got the other one on one date.  She's convinced she's the one for Brad.  The went off the side of a Los Angeles skycraper, and now she's convinced they are meant to be.  UGH!  I was kind of hoping the rope would break.  Oh well...

I loved that Brad took Emily the saint aside for a very private visit during the cocktail party.  That sent everyone into a tizzy!  LOVED IT!  But in the end, I still couldn't figure out who the heck he's in love with!  Maybe this will be the first polygamous Bachelor!

I am very much looking forward to Thursday's Beverly Hills Housewives reunion.  The finale was explosive!  I kind of always thought Kim was a lush!

We have one more episode of the Atlanta Housewives, and I have decided Nene, who used to be my favorite, is my least favorite now.  It has all gone to her head.  Too bad.  She used to be fun.