Hey, did you know May is Motorcycle Awareness Month? KLAQ is running plenty of public service announcements to let you know. And, really, why wouldn't you want to be aware of MORONS LIKE THIS?!

We know plenty of responsible bikers out there and they deserve your attention on the road. But there are a few of these mental midgets who DEMAND your attention, too.

Look at this guy. It's almost like he was getting too big for the crotch rocket, but just couldn't get the Fast & Furious out of his system even when he had to trade up in bike size.

An alert KLAQ listener traveling on I-10 sent in this picture. Kind of looks like it's between Sunland Park and Executive Center. One false move and he could launch himself into the water treatment plant, which would be spectacular!

(By the way, looks like our photographer was in the passenger seat snapping it. Hopefully. If not, there were TWO laws being broken at the same time!)