New Pantera!!  It's here ... finally!!  Check it out!!!    F*** YEAH!!!!!!!

To celebrate the 20th aniversary of Vulgar Display Of Power, a "lost" Pantera track has been released!   Due to be released May 15th, Vulgar 2.0 will be a 2 disc set.  Disc 1 the original songs (plus this one!!) and disc 2 will be live material from Monsters Of Rock '92!!

A MUST have for any metalhead!  (Any guitarist period!!)

The video is made of short skits submitted by Pantera fans! Careful though ... some language is NSFW

"'Piss' is the only complete PANTERA track in existenceis the ONLY completed Pantera track that has not been heard according to Vinnie Paul.

Here it is! Finally ... and FINAL-LY; new rock from Pantera!!

Getcha' pull!!!!!!!