This band is utterly amazing! I fell in love at SXSW and then had to honor of going to hang out and watch them record at Sonic Ranch. I told them they should come back to El Paso and play a show and they are! Check out The Burning of Rome.


This band hails form Oceanside, CA and has such a unique sound. Hands down one of the best albums I have bought this year. Yes, the music junkie just said that. I've never had an album in my possession that when you listen, you could join Timothy Leary for the acid test, then right after want to rock out in a crowd, then be creeped out and intrigued (just listen to Norman Bates and you'll understand). The album touches all parts of your mind and flows together so wonderfully.

Their sound is hard to describe, because it mixes so many different genres and mashes them up, to produce their own unique sound. Their music is the creepy carnival that thrills and gives you chills. There are so many different elements to their band, they blend together to create almost an orchestra feeling, that fell right out of a Tim Burton movie after it slept with Pan’s Labyrinth. My favorite part of this band is the melodies and the way Aimee and Adam’s voices compliment one another on each track.

Here are a couple of my favorite songs by the band to get you excited for their show on Wednesday. They will be playing at The Lowbrow Palace, 111 Robinson Street right below The Palomino. The show is FREE for 21 +, and only $5 for 18 +. This is a show you will not want to miss! The show starts at 9 PM and goes on until 2 AM. The Burning of Rome will also be joined by Black Lodge, The Golden Trees, and The Other Half. You can check out the event's Facebook page here. You can check out my original interviews with this band here and here.