I went down to Sonic Ranch yesterday to check out a new band that was in town recording their new album. I met The Burning of Rome over at SXSW and saw their videos online and knew they had a great sound, and were a band Q listeners should check out!


The Burning of Rome is from San Diego, California and have been making music since 2009. El Paso is a huge Cowboy fan area so you should be familiar already with one of their songs, "Cowboys and cut cigars." The Dallas Cowboys played their song during home games at the Cowboys Stadium.

Their sound is hard to describe, because it mixes so many different genres and mashes them up, to produce their own unique sound. Their music is the creepy carnival that thrills and gives you chills. There are so many different elements to their band, they blend together to create almost an orchestra feeling, that fell right out of a Tim Burton movie after it slept with Pan's Labyrinth. My favorite part of this band is the melodies and the way Aimee and Adam's voices compliment one another on each track. After hearing only a couple of this band's songs, I immediately had to buy their album.

They are currently working on their next album which is why they went down to Sonic Ranch to become inspired and lay down some of their tracks. Since this was my first trip out to Sonic Ranch, I took some photos of the actual studios too, just so KLAQ listeners could see the atmosphere that helps create such an interesting sound.

Check out my interview with The Burning of Rome below and also some photos of Sonic Ranch coming in part 2 of the interview. There are videos as well of the band. My personal favorite? The Mexican street musicians playing "Cowboys and Cut Cigars." If you want to hear how the idea of that video came about, watch the interview with the band. Hope you guys like them as much as I do! This is a band I expect to see making the festival circuits very soon.

If you want to see more of The Burning Of Rome, check out their Facebook page here. You can also follow them on Twitter here, Instagram @theburningofrome, and check out their website here.