They keep track of which posts on are the most popular. They remind us weekly of which posts got the most views.  My posts are never to be found in the weekly Town Square Media Hall of Awesomeness.  Despite the fact that I spend hours carefully crafting the wording of my posts, researching to make sure my information is factual, and honing the final product to make sure that it is original, informative and posts are never in the Newsletter.

You know what is? Mando's  "Hottie of the Day".  That's right.  A post consisting of a picture of an attractive,  scantily clad female (which must be so difficult to find on the Internet. I mean, there can't be more than a trillion...two trillion tops...of these kind of pictures to choose from).

This is what is held up by our corporate overlords as the shining example of what the rest of us should be posting. OK.  They win. I get it. You want provocative photos. Provocative photos ye shall have.

Click on the jump below to see the first of my soon-to-be Award winning series of posts:  "Buzz's Dripping Wet Naked Beaver of the Day"!

NAME:  Mrs. Paddlebottom

AGE :   2 years

LIKES:  Making Dams;  soft, pliant woods

DISLIKES:  Steel Traps; liars