Ever catch little "Ooopses" in movies??

They happen a lot.  I was watching No Country For Old Men last night and caught a couple of mistakes.  Parts of the movie are supposed to take place right here in El Paso but, apparently actually coming here to film them was tooooo much trouble.  Forgetting for the moment that they didn't film it here, they mess it up for those that think they did by showing a sign in one scene that indicates Route 66 is nearby.  (Nope ... that's a few hundred miles from here!)

They also rearrange things in a couple of scenes.  As the movie cuts from one shot to another and then back again; clothing and props change. 

Anyway, tearing up No Country isn't the point of this post.  I want to know what movie mistakes you guys have caught.  What's screwed up in your favorite movie??

Here are a couple more I have caught (or had pointed out to me) in some of my favorites to get you going!! Good movies despite the mistakes; see them if you haven't!!

Tombstone       In one scene, an American flag behind the actors has all 50 stars on it.  At that time in American history, not all 50 states had signed on yet! 

Easy Rider       Near the beginning of the movie, while the main characters are fixing up their bikes, there's a scene where the flag on Peter Fondas jacket is reversed from the rest of the movie.

The Shining       In the scene where Wendy hits Jack on the head with a baseball bat (obviously a "prop"), the bat bends!

The Boondock Saints       In several shooting scenes, you see the slides on the guns lock back (indicating they are now empty) and/or you DON'T see the hammers pulled back.

Whatcha' got??