Alexandra V. Tobias is being charged with shaking her 3-month-old son to death. She says she committed this act of violence because her babies cries were bothering her while she was playing Farmville.

She says that Dylan Lee Edmonson had been crying for along time as she played the popular Facebook game Farmville.  

Alexandra told the police that when the infant wouldn't stop crying, she went over to the baby boy, and started shaking him to shut him up, went and smoked a cigarette and then went back and shook the boy again. The mother also has suggested that the little boy "may have hit his head during the shaking."

I don't believe that we have jail cells deep enough and dark enough for these (UN)human being.

El Paso, Have you ever been so mad at your child that you have spanked, slapped, shook, kicked or anything that you now regret ?

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