I really didn't want to go here my Fans, Friends and Freaks.Because of the lack of Boobs sent to sronson@klaq.com, I will have to lower the standards (DAMN) and post MOOB'S of the day. Ladies and Gentleman this can not happen continue!!!

Please don't just download pictures off of porn sites or other people's sites and send them to Ronson.

"PEOPLE OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD"!!!!  Let's hope this sad day with no boobs is just a fluke and tomorrow we will be back to enjoying  Scott's boobs of the day that we depend upon!

If you would like your boobs posted on El Paso Boobs of the Day, take a beautiful picture of your boobs, write a short bio or some info about yourself, and send them to: sronson@klaq.com.Send in those photos, Ladies.