Metallica recently rocked Mexico City and I found a sample for you!

Their current tour is a MONSTER featuring not only Metallicas finest but they are also bringing back "the show"!  Guys catch fire, the stage is HUGE, (and made of video monitiors!) the lighting rigs are coffins (and also video ready!), they build the 'justice' statue from the "And Justice For  All" tour, work in a gigantic toilet and "Ride The Lightning" incorporates real lightning!

Here's a collection of those "special" moments:

They tore Mexico City a new one July 28th; check out the video below.  It starts with them warming up backstage, then you get a taste of them at work! 

(For those of you who don't know; Metallica always warm up right before the show and those backstage jam sessions can get pretty intense.  When you see them hit the stage they've often already been playing for a couple of hours or more!)