I think I should have titled this one "Double G's Double D's" ....... Ladies; ever wonder how to pick the perfect bra??  (Guys; ever wonder how ladies pick the perfect bra??)

Once again, television serves as a useful and informative tool!  I caught an episode of "The League" the other night after my bro Johnnie Walker recomended it.  (Anything Johnnie recomends is almost guaranteed to be funny, weird, musical or all of the above!) 

In the one I watched, the girls refer to the "bounce test" web site for bra selection.  Turns out ... yes, I checked ... it's a real web site!!

See for yourself by clicking the link!!  Bouncetest

Who knew?  After that, and having nothing better to do, I continued my .. ahem .. 'research'. (My concern for ladies being comfortable and injury free is limitless.)  The second site I found also helps in bra selection!  

However this one is probably NSFW!!  Click here (.)(.)

Kinda gotcha' for just a second there huh??  ;)

Ladies I truly hope you've been helped by (and guys, I truly hope you've enjoyed) this public service feature courtesy of Double G and KLAQ!