Rock Hall Of Fame Who Would You Induct?
With every new year comes the thought that maybe just maybe my favorite bands will get themselves the worthy nod of getting inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. The question is, does the band care, and why do I?
It's hard to care when certain bands just don't seem to give a crap so w…
Funny Rockstar Interviews!
Have you ever watched your favorite band or musicians being interviewed. Not only are they knowledgeable in the music business but they are some of the quickest witted people I've ever met
Working in our promotions department for the last 8 years, I have had the opportunity of meeting and intera…
What If Life Was Like A Box Of Chocolates?
Life is never what you think it is or could be. With a switch of the light our eyes opened to this thing called "life". No directions. Only one way out. Did we ever see what could have been? You can't spit this out!
Nothing in this life comes easy if it did, it would …

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