Finally, a little respect for metallic lyrics!

Linguistics expert Martin Jacobsen at the west Texas A & M University came up with the idea to study heavy metal lyrics and his students LOVED it!!

Jacobsen said:

The students were mad for it – they thought it was crazy and they loved it. I threw it out as an offhand comment one day: ‘What we ought to do is have a class in heavy metal.’ There was universal agreement from the students in the class: ‘Yes, we should actually do that.’”

I would have gone for that also!  As all the metalheads know, heavy metal songs often reference classic works of literature, moments in history, fantasy and just about every other subject you could imagine!  (Maidens lyrics especially!!)

The first metal song they looked at was "Out Of The Silent Planet" by Iron Maiden for a study in sentence structure!

If UTEP or EPCC english courses taught this, I'd have had BETTER than a 4.0!  (Probably better attendance also!)