Drew's Pizza is back in business after tons of critics attacked the pizzeria for degrading women and acting inappropriately.

This popular college hangout has outraged tons of people after their boobs-for-pizza promotion was exposed on social media. They briefly deleted both their Twitter and Facebook accounts after tons of people noticed their tweets and statuses about all the boobies they were seeing.

Employees were giving away free meals to women who showed them their breasts. It's rumored that this promotion usually starts late at night and most of the women are drunk. If women show their chi-chis for beads and Ronson, I believe some women would probably lift their shirts in a second for pizza. If man boobies would be accepted, I bet they would run out of pizza before the drunk girls got there!

The owner of Drew's Pizza is loving all the exposure and doesn't plan to stop the late night promotion. He defends himself by saying his workers are coming in earlier and haven't been happier. I think this pizza must be amazing because he isn't forcing women to do this, the delicious pizza is.

After googling pizza and boobs, I came across these videos of delivery guys who chose boobs over tips. Start applying for a pizza boy position and you just might get to experience your own boobs-for-pizza promotion! Men, would you choose boobs over tips? Ladies, would you flash for some pizza? Comment below or call our Neckline, 915-521-NECK.

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