People love to call the neckline and speak their mind. Want to do the same? Here is the KLAQ Neckline number and the Request number in case you ever want to call in! 880-4955


The Neck line is the KLAQ Morning Show listeners personal line to call in, day or night, to let us know what is on their mind. So when something we say upsets you, makes you laugh, or when a stroke of genius hits you 5 beers deep, go ahead, stick your neck out and give us a call to say what's on your mind. Just remember anything you say can and may be used on the KLAQ Morning Show weekdays 6 to 10 AM.


Ever hear us asking for caller number whatever? Well, here is the number you need to use for you to win anything at the station. Unless it is an online competition then that is all Lauren here at KLAQ.COM. But here is the Request number you can call to win some big prizes wIth KLAQ!

KLAQ REQUEST LINE: (915) 880-4955