My name is Teresa and I am a Reality TV addict.  The road to recovery begins with admitting it.  Not that I really want to recover from this addiction.  I just don't want it getting worse.  That would mean that Bravo TV cannot add another franchise of the Real Housewives.  I am OBSSESSED!  My addiction started with a little OC, then came NY, then a dash of Atlanta, then I added NJ.  I thought I could withdraw from DC, but no, I was hooked on that one as well, even though it never compared to the rest.  Still couldn't quit watching.  The best ever by far, Beverly Hills! 

These women are incredibly rich, really, they don't just put on airs.  You can tell from their homes, their wardrobes, their cars.  They ooze money.  But they also ooze bitchiness!  My favorite housewife by far is Lisa.  She's British, (my love of Brits didn't her chances) but she is also very California.  She's the most honest and level headed by far, and she doesn't go anywhere without her little dog Giggy.

Next in line would be Kyle.  She's very down to earth, considering she's Paris Hilton's aunt!  I have problems with her neurotic sister Kim, the former child star.  She is the most insecure woman I have seen on these shows!  Just pathetic!  My least favorite is Camille Grammer, Kelsey's soon to be ex.  After watching her antics, I can't say I blame the guy for leaving her!  She has more chemistry with her male friends than she does with her husband.  And what an insecure snob! 

I am looking forward to the return of the New York version.  I will miss Betheny, although she does have her own show now.   We'll have to wait and see who becomes enemies!