Some more details are coming out about the attack on undefeated Heavyweight boxer (and good friend of the Morning Show) David Rodriguez.

You've probably heard by now that David was slashed by an unknown assailant outside a restaurant in Scottsdale on Friday. Here are some of the tidbits of new information that the El Paso Times is reporting with my comments in parentheses ...

" A witness said he saw a stabbing victim "showing off his muscles" and yelling racial slurs."

(David says he was getting ready to get in a fight with a guy and probably used some words he normally wouldn't have.)

" According to the report, a taxi driver named Omar took the two victims from the El Hefe bar to the pizza restaurant.  The driver saw three black men and a Hispanic woman approach the victims.

One of the men asked to borrow a lighter when, the cab driver said, one of the victims became belligerent, took off his shirt and started "showing off his muscles."

(We're assuming this is D-Rod, I guess.  December in Scottsdale is "Shirt-free" weather, after all)

"The victim began yelling at and pushing the men, yelling the slurs."

(The "N" word is the only thing I could think of. I mean, would you slash a guy over any lesser slur? I think not.)

"One of the men then swung at the shirtless victim, striking him in the face. The driver told police he thought the man punched the victim, but he noticed that the man had a small knife in between his fingers."


"An officer was flagged down and told that someone needed help at Joe's Pizza. When he arrived at the restaurant, the officer saw two men who appeared to be bleeding, including the shirtless man with a large laceration to the left side of his face."

(Okay, so the shirtless guy was David.)

"The victim told police he didn't know what happened and kept asking, "Did you get the guys?" According to the police report, the two victims appeared to be highly intoxicated -- both had bloodshot, watery eyes, smelled like alcohol and were slurring their words."

(So, the cab driver's story makes it sound like David started the fight by becoming belligerent and showing his muscles?? It doesn't sound like the guy I know.  But, I've never been around David at 2:30 in the a.m. after a night of heavy drinking. He's told us before he likes to unwind after a match so the idea of him being out with a friend having a few (or a lot ) of drinks doesn't sound out of the question.  I can imagine several different scenarios that could have taken place under those circumstance, but those would be purely conjecture. We'll try to have David on as soon as he feels like it.  In the meantime, we wish him a speedy recovery. And remind him that Dominoes delivers until 2 a.m. )