There is a controversy between Heavyweight boxer David Rodriguez and a local El Paso talk radio personality. It is not, as many have assumed, me. This is a sample of some of the mail in my inbox this morning wondering why my friend David was so mad at me...

(READ MORE, below, to see screen grabs of the Facebook fisticuffs)


As it turns out, it was not my show, but Steve Kaplowitz's show on ESPN 600 that was the target of this angry Facebook post:

I'm not taking a side in this, but I will defend Kaplowitz on a few points.

1.) Steve is considerably more co-ordinated than your average child with Multiple Sclerosis. I assume so, anyway. I've never seen a kid with M.S. play softball.

2.) I know for a fact Steve has tasted victory. It was when he was on my show. Also, I know he tastes defeat every time the ratings for KROD come out.

3.) Steve has confided in me that he is secure in his manhood. He acknowledges, however, that he is kind of goofy looking.


Here is Steve Kaplowitz's reply (all of this on David's Facebook wall, by the way):

According to Kaplowitz, he has had callers on his show (which airs sometime in the afternoon on radio frequency 600. That's on something called "AM Radio".  If you drive a pre-1990's vehicle perhaps you can find this "AM frequency".) who have expressed critical opinions of David Rodriguez's recent opponents. I don't think Steve can be blamed for what his callers say because I don't think they screen the callers. If you've listened to Sports Talk on ESPN 600, does it sound like they screen any callers to you? Me neither.

Steve Kaplowitz has invited David Rodriguez to be on his show this Thursday. Also, Steve is filling in this Friday on the KLAQ Morning Show because Duke is traveling with the local amateur hockey team to broadcast their game on the aforementioned AM radio station.

Don't worry, I'll still be here blogging on the one and only medium that makes AM radio look like "the big time".