Veronica Gonzalez

I am not clever enough to come up with something funny or slick to put on my plates for my car, but my friend *Jacob did except was NOT tolerated. When he told me about it I was wondering if anyone here in El Paso has gone through the same ordeal. He showed me a picture of his trucks plates and I could only come up with two sayings that weren't  negative. The only two things I could read out of his plates were ''I hate high- fiving-o or ''I hate STOP-N-go" which the correct one was "I Hate Stop-N-Go." He ended up receiving a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles saying he can ask for a hearing or have a recall of his plates. If you are having to pay extra money for what you want, shouldn't you get what you pay for? What do you think of his plates El Paso, take the poll!




*Changed his name to protect his identity.