Well, it obviously wasn't love at first sight.

A girl named Vanessa was in the television show 'Tattoo Nightmares' to get a tattoo covered up by artist Tommy Helm.

The story of her tattoo is too funny in a very messed up way. She started talking to this guy online, they finally met and fell in love. She said he was her first love. A couple of months into their relationship, they went to a party where her friend was giving her best-friend a tattoo.

Her boyfriend, who is blind by the way, asked her if he can give her a tattoo. After a couple of guilt trips, she said "Ok". (Seriously?!) He tattoos on her the phrase "Love is Blind" in Italian. Once he was done she went to check it out and immediately burst into tears realizing the huge mistake that was.

Some time later, he sent her a long email telling her that the whole time they were dating, he was cheating on her with her best-friend. (They must've had quite the laugh at her letting him tattoo her) At the end of the email he did state, "Oh, but we're still cool right? We can still date, right?"



Maybe next time she'll think about who and what she gets tattooed!! Speaking of, check out Lauren's blog and vote now for El Paso's Most Regrettable Tattoo!