Got Milk?

Teens are going around recording themselves pretending to fall while carrying gallons of milk or juice as a prank. They hope to make this prank as big as Gangnam Style. This is totally dumb but I'm not sure if this is funny or just mean.

Personally, if I saw a kid fall with milk I probably would just point, laugh and walk by because it's just a cry for attention, like Justin Bieber in a gas mask. Only if I saw an elderly person doing this would I run to help because Life Alert commercials have taught me when they fall they can't get up.

I don't understand why this is fun but it's already all over social networks. 2 million views in just 10 days. I feel dirty helping them get views but it's my job to talk about dumb things. What do you think of this prank? Have you already filmed yourself being an idiot? Let me know!