Okay, I will admit it now. I have actually watched movies like The Toxic Avenger, Nuke 'Em High, and others from the nut-jobs at Troma. They were huge in the 80's, with their ridiculously bad, insanely violent movies. The crazy thing about their latest work-in-progress, "Return to Nuke 'Em High" is that it looks exactly like the other movie from the 80's!

That's right, there's been no improvement in effects or cinematography, the acting is still as horrible as it ever has been, and there are as many boobs bared as in their glory days.

They have added some cameos from some people you'll recognize, including Lemmy from Motorhead as the president, and recent heart-problem survivor Ron Jeremy playing bong-smoking Jesus! You'll even see Toxie in the trailer.

If you like absolutely horrible schlock horror/comedy, check out the more-than-red-band trailer here. Just so you know, it's probably the least safe for work video you can watch! Don't say I didn't you!