Nope, not gonna do it.

I have pretty good luck usually. A buck or two here and there on a lotto ticket, a few dollars at the Blackjack tables in Ruidoso.  Picking the route to work that does not involve an accident or construction work ... that kind of stuff.  With things like that, I do all right.

When it comes to any kind of motorized transportation, bad luck evens the score with me.

For example, my bike broke down once (once?? I wish....) and as we loaded it, the ramp broke. My car was being towed back to my home in the northeast one time and, about two blocks away, the tow truck broke down!  I borrowed a friends bike for a trip once and ... after a very short ride to my house ... the exhaust pipe fell off.

Detached. Separated. Fell the f*** off..........

After hearing about the recent cruise ship incident in the gulf coast, I think fate may have gotten some bad intel. Leading it to believe that I was on board!

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

First, the boat lost power, then the plumbing stopped up and the overflow was pouring all over everything. Then they started running out of food.  (Why the hell they didn't just get in the lifeboats and head for home I still don't get.)

Fortunately, tugboats showed up and began to tow the ship in.  Unfortunately, as they neared home ... within sight of the shore line no less!! ... a line to one of the tugs snapped setting the vessel adrift again.

Finally, back ashore and headed home, the bus carrying some of passengers broke down!

(I'm afraid to ask if anything has happened to these poor people since.)  Now, with my track record for vehicle issues, you can see why cruises are off my bucket list!!

This isn't the first cruise horror story we've heard lately.  How about you??