What do you think will happen with Dexter?

Tonight is the Dexter Season Finale. (Great ... first Walking Dead, then S.O.A. and now Decter.)










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After such an intense season, I'm sure everyone is as anxious as me for tonights episode. Beginning with Deb discovering Dexter's life long secret, the Russians (which I must say I was starting to like Isaak Sirko), Quinn getting involved with them (again), Laguerta continuing with the Bay Harbour Butcher case ... and from what the teaser showed, taking Dexter away in cuffs. Now, do you think that really happens? Or is that another one of Dexter's dreams?









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It just seems as if the law has finally caught up with Dexter. Although there have been other seasons in which we have been left with suspenseful cliffhangers. (Hello! Season 6.)









Guess we'll have to wait until tonight and see. But I leave you with this awesome video with bits and pieces of all the Dexter seasons.



So do you think Doakes really did survive the explosion at the cabin??