It's happens to the best  of us. Traffic fines!

The the frustration that comes with going to court. Having to get off work ,not having the money until "Next Week". The embarrassment!

Ever wonder a good way to get back at Big Brother? Time to go couch surfing!

Although this guy is from Australia, most of us have though of this , in some sort of way. Pay our fines in COINS!

I know, he is NOT the first person to do this, but the reaction of the clerk is priceless.

I personally think it would be a hassle to get coins. It would be easier to just log on line and pay the fine ,But if you are trying to make a point . This is One way to do it!

I've included a link below to pay off your traffic fines in  El Paso and Las Cruces

( the first 40 seconds have no sound )


If you have Traffic fines in El Paso, Texas  here is the website you can use (here)

In Las Cruces, NM (here)