Just when we thought we found the perfect hangover cure with Sprite, college kids are making headlines with their favorite thing to drink after a night of heavy drinking. And no, it is not to continue to drink. Although I am told that works pretty well too.

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College students in Chicago have been using an unusual remedy in huge numbers to get rid of the hangovers they get from a night of heavy drinking. Pedialyte, a children's drink packed with electrolytes, also helps with getting rid of your hangover. People like using that more than gatorade because it has more electrolytes than Gatorade, with less sugar. Pedialyte may be able to thank college students for its recent sales skyrocketing recently. I know my roommate has at least two bottles in the fridge at all times. Last time we had friends over at the house too, both bottles were used by other friends, who swear by this method.

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So which do you think is the better option: Sprite or Pedialyte? Comment with your opinion below!

Chicago College Students Using Pedialyte To Cure Hangovers.

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