We have all woken up with a huge hangover  the morning after a night of drinking and want something to help make it go away. A new study tried over 50 different drinks and thinks they found the cure for a hangover.

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People always say they have the best cure to a hangover. Everything from greasy food, menudo, ginger ale, working out and everything in between. Now, Chinese scientists tried 57 different drinks to see which beverage helped relieve the symptoms of a hangover.

First thing the scientists decided to look at was what causes a hangover in the first place. They believed it wasn't necessarily the alcohol itself that you are drinking, but more the process of breaking down the alcohol that gives you the horrendous hangover symptoms.

The researchers at Sun Yat-Sen University tested  a variety of beverages from hot and cold teas and various carbonated beverages. Tea was found to actually make the symptoms of a hangover worse.

Sprite on the other hand, was found to speed up the process of breaking down the alcohol so the hangover is shorter. Now I feel good because I always get Sprite as my go to drink choice when I am a tad bit hungover. The best is going to Sonic and get the Ocean Water- all I know is it's blue and makes me feel like my brain is jumping into the crisp, cool water. Trust me it's delicious. 

I have some good news for both the older and the younger generations who like to throw back a few drinks. The younger generation produces more of the enzyme that breaks down alcohol, so they don't feel hangovers as much. This is also true for regular drinkers too. Now for the older generation, what benefits do you have? Hangovers are caused when the alcohol damages the brain and causes it to swell. As you age your brain shrinks, giving it more room to swell.

So if you throw back a few drink tonight, make sure you have your Sprite ready to go in morning, so you're ready to.

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