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(AUDIO) Good News/Bad News of the Week
Once a week we like to take a few news stories and take an in-depth look. This week, we examine the great humanitarian Angelina Jolie, a fired Hooters waitress and a new pee-based App for your phone.
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AUDIO: Torturing Telemarketers
A sure sign that a telemarketer is truly tortured is when he tells you , "I've got to get back to work now".
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(AUDIO) 1 Minute Inside a Woman’s Head
This week, our perilous journey into the darkest corners of the female mind finds Tax Time to be an issue of concern.
To hear the audio from this week's "1 Minute Inside a Woman's Head", click on the jump link, below....
Lost Jim Morrison Interview Sheds A Lot of Light on Many Things
"What's wrong with being fat? That's what I want to know." - Jim Morrison
Full disclosure, I'm a big fan of the Doors and Jim Morrison. When I was a freshman at Oklahoma Baptist University I was ordered by the R.A. on my dorm floor to stop playing my "The Soft Parade" album becaus…

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